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Tere, ma olen 13 ja kirjutan enda jaoks tavalisi lühijutukesi. :) mõtlesin jagada, avaldage arvamust, mis arvate sellest. Jutt inglise keeles, ma pole mingi proff inglise keelega, seega jah ;)

Are we too dependent on computers and social media?
⦁ Nowadays, you have an oppurtunity to talk to people in social media. There are so many different ways to take contact with your friends or family. Let's take facebook for example. You can easily make an account, send people a friend request and write to them. You can have conversation, what will appear just in one screen.
⦁ One day, maybe someday we will completely depend on computers and social media. Sharing moments, laughing with each other, having deep talks, asking a girl to become your very first girlfriend, maybe even men doing a marriage proposal... That all will take place in social media someday. Talking to your friend in facebook messenger isn't same, which is talking in person. Taking a picture of your very first hike and sharing it on instagram, isn't the same, which is taking that hike with your best friends. Telling your husband, that you are now eating for two on facebook, isn't the same, which is seeing the joy and infite happiness on his face.
⦁ You can have hundreds of friends on facebook, hundreds of followers on twitter and instagram... But it won't be same, what is having some real friends, to spend quality time with. One day you will realize, you haven't loved, neither you haven't hated, because you have spent your life just staring, typing and scrolling.
⦁ So shut down that computer, turn off the wifi on your phone and go see your friends. Spend some time with them, go to the cinema, go to a spa and take some beauty procedures. We don't have to depend on social media. There is so much to see in the world, what you probably aren't gonna see, if you waste your precious time staring at that light screen.

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