Flames of Insanity

Where has my mind wandered off to?Darkness, Madness, Complete, utter Insanity.

Mind.It's a powerful thing, is it not?Fear, Insanity...Which is which?To whom does what belong?Light and Darkness, opposites, negatives, yet they go together, hand in hand with everything.Light in every Mind.Darkness in every Heart.Where?Why?Consumed by Fear, there comes Insanity.Or is it the other way around?Or is there no Fear in Insanity?Rules...To withstand and hold back Insanity?Yet the inevitable Chaos controls the Mind, bringing Destruction on everything.The Heart tells us what to do.Our Mind obeys?By what is Your Heart taken over by?Order?Madness?Chaos?Darkness?Hate?Love?...Insanity is Chaos.Chaos is...bad?

Mankind is Corrupted.By Chaos.We tell us not to Kill and bring Death.Yet what we do most and best is just that.Tell me, is that not...INSANE?!Nature made us.By Nature, there is Life.By Nature there is Light.Love.Kindness.By Nature there is Insanity.By Nature we are made to kill each other.Or Ourselves.What is that?That is Chaos in its Purest Form.By Our Hearts we do everything.By Our Minds we act.

It's up to You what your Heart and Mind are controlled by.Or is it?Chaos is uncontrollable.With Chaos comes Insanity.So is there really ANYTHING we can do against Madness, Insanity, Chaos and Darkness?Consumed by Fear we do unimaginable things.Consumed by Fear we let Insanity and Chaos take over.Depending on the person it brings either Light or Darkness...But since Nature is Chaos it's usually Darkness.There are Freaks of Nature, yes, but They are rare.I'm Insane but I do not yet know if That is for Better or Worse.What are You?

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"Blue! Blue! Blue!" - Master Elodin, Name of The Wind.

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